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Bishop Kenneth Monroe

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Rev. Dr. Anthony K.R. Gibson

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Rev. Dr. John A. Butler

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Rev. Dr. Rita J. Colbert

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Rev. Dr. Willa Estell

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Rev. Dr. Sondra M. Coleman

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Rev. Stanley Dennison

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The African Methodist Episcop

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Rev. Dr. Anthony K.R. Gibson International President

A Statement on the events in Charlottesville, Virginia

To all who may read these letters, Greetings:

The events in Charlottesville, Virginia August 11th and 12th in the year Two Thousand and Seventeen are literally unbelievable and emphatically repugnant to Christian theology and practice. We are heartbroken at the lost of life and injuries from these shameful deeds. We are bombarding heaven with prayers of consolation and healing for the victims’ families.

Historically, those who spew the venom of bigotry and hatred align themselves, with their words, to the principles of Jesus Christ in the feckless attempt to justify their inane behavior. It is delusional to attempt to blend the love of God with the loathing of God’s people.

The body of Jesus Christ and specifically Presiding Elders of The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church categorically reject and condemn those who organized, participated in, and allowed this cauldron of sin to brew in the streets of Charlottesville. Has our nation so quickly forgotten what hate tried to accomplish at Charleston, South Carolina?

This mob-like action is reminiscent of a time when people were valued based on the color of their skin and not the content of their character. We will not retrogress to a time when domestic terrorism, wrapped in white sheets or shouted from the horn of Bull Connor, was the norm. We must continue progress. We must speak truth to power. The love of Jesus Christ compels us to act. Our prayers must be offered to God to change the hearts of those filled with anger and resentment. Our voices must be heard via social media, the NAACP, other civil right organizations and by communicating with and holding accountable our elected officials. We cannot be silent and let our silence be misconstrued as acceptance of such vile activity.