Rev. Ronald A. Nathan – Black Caucus Movement

47th Annual Conference 23rd – 27th August 2017
August 24, 2017
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August 24, 2017

Rev. Ronald A. Nathan – Black Caucus Movement

The Rev. Ronald A. Nathan is the Chief Executive Officer of the Black Caucus Movement of Trinidad and Tobago.  The Black Caucus Movement is a Civil and Human Rights Organisation committed to the social uplift of persons of African descent.  The Movement has a growing membership that is located on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

A graduate of Westminster College, Oxford and Oxford University (1998) he is deeply committed to issues of equity and justice. As a youth development consultant, social justice activist, coach, mentor, motivational speaker, ordained minister and author, Nathan’s life and experience exemplifies the wide reach of the Black Caucus Movement that is inclusive of persons of African descent from all walks of life.

As the CEO, he is working with the Movement to see that Africans play their rightful part in building a truly multi-racial and multicultural society where economic and social justice and freedom is part of the experience of all the Trinidadians and Tobagonians.

Prior to joining the BCM, in 2014 Nathan carried on a youth development consultancy that included school guidance counseling, youth camps, community outreach initiatives and youth programs.  This consulting firm began its operations in London. England UK in 1998 and then re-located to Trinidad and Tobago in 2003.

In 1997-2003 He was the founding Director of the Black International Construction Organization (BICO).  BICO was a network of UK based African and Caribbean black professionals working in the Built Environment fields. He led a delegation of black lawyers, architects, and contractors to South Africa in 2002 on a fact finding mission. In 2003 he represented BICO at the Southern African Economic Forum in Namibia.

During this same period, Nathan chaired the annual Black Economic Empowerment Conferences (2000-2003).  These three annual conferences.  Two of these conferences were held in London and one in Birmingham. Featuring Black Businesses and training workshops and motivational seminars.

In 1990-1994 He was the Director of the African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance (ACEA).  The ACEA represented over 3,000 black churches in the United Kingdom. This organisation became one of the leading black development agencies in the UK with regional groups across the country. Under Nathan’s directorship consultations were held with prison reformers, educators, employment agencies, police associations and government officials. A relief initiative called the ACCRA Fund was established in response to the Rwanda genocide which saw the provision of relief to farmers in the rural communities devastated by the crisis.

In 1985-89 Nathan and his family lived and worked in Kenya, East Africa. Involved in Youth Leadership Training with the Redeemed Gospel Church, Nathan traveled to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Congo now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. During this period he traveled extensively across the African continent carrying out extension training programs.